Welcome to our research page! Our multidisciplinary research group has interests in novel organic constructs and materials with applications in several fields:

Nano- and micro-constructs in biomedical sciences:

We aim to obtain specific macroscopic behavior in novel materials using supramolecular interactions. These novel materials can create complex 3D structures which have promising potential as nano- and micro-constructs for biomedical applications.

Supramolecular organic chemistry and responsive nano-materials:

In our research group we are interested in discrete hierarchical self-assembled constructs which can respond to external stimuli. These type of constructs can present different types of topology and can be used to encapsulate guests and catalyse chemical transformations.

Supramolecular medicinal chemistry:

We are interested in the development of novel biocompatible α-helix mimetics in order to control Protein-Protein Interactions (PPI) and thereby (i) better understand complex biological systems, (ii) establish novel approaches for medical diagnostics of various diseases and (iii) develop novel therapeutics.