Please get in touch if you are interested in joining the group as we are always looking for talented and motivated scientists to assist in external fund applications.

PDRA Positions:

At the moment there are not funded positions available.

If you are interested in joining the group as a PDRA, please visit the postdoctoral fellowship opportunities webpage and indicate which funding schemes you have in mind when getting in contact with Aniello.

PhD Studentships:

We welcomes enquiries by email from potential PhD students from the UK and around the world who have (or are about to obtain) a good undergraduate degree in Chemistry or a closely related subject. However if your nationality is from a country outside the EU or the UK, you are classed as an overseas student and will normally have to provide your own sources of funding for maintenance and fees.

MSc Research Scholarships:

This is an exciting opportunity to join a dynamic research department. Please contact Dr Aniello Palma (a.palma@kent.ac.uk) to discuss potential research projects:

MSc in Supramolecular Organic Chemistry:

Development of Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Responsive Biopolymers.

Development of Supramolecular Stereo-divergent Catalysts.

MSc in Medicinal Chemistry:

Development of Novel Alpha-helix Mimetics.

Rational Design of Novel Inhibitors of INDY (I’m not dead yet) transporters.

MSc in Synthetic Chemistry:

Silanide Chemistry – Bridging the Organic/Inorganic Gap.