Welcome to the Palma Research Group

We’re based in the School of Physical Science at the University of Kent, Canterbury campus. Research in our lab sits at the interface between chemistry, biology and material science focusing on the design of smart and responsive materials prepared via supramolecular approaches and inspired by biological polymers.


PDRA position available. Join our team!

Supramolecular Bioinspired Responsive Materials: Exploiting Polyproline Helices

MScs research projects available. Join our team!

MSc in Supramolecular Organic Chemistry:

Development of Supramolecular Self-Assembly of Responsive Biopolymers

Development of Supramolecular Stereo-divergent Catalysts

MSc in Medicinal Chemistry:

Development of Novel Alpha-helix Mimetics

Rational Design of Novel Inhibitors of INDY (I’m not dead yet) transporters

MSc in Synthetic Chemistry:

Silanide Chemistry – Bridging the Organic/Inorganic Gap